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The product assortment offers the best possible options for the efficient liquefaction and saccharification of soluble starch solution and offers unparalleled enzymes to achieve a fast viscosity reduction in the production process.


The assortment carries
Deltazym® BAA: a bacterial alpha-amylase for use in processes working at neutral pH-conditions (ph 67) and at moderate temperatures of up to 80-90C.

Deltazym® HSAA CT: a heat stable alpha amylase for use in processes working at pH-conditions of 58 and at high temperatures of up to 8595C.

Deltazym® GA L-E5
Deltazym® GA L-E5 glucoamylase (GA) is a saccharification enzyme obtained from a classical strain of Aspergillus niger. It produces glucose from liquefied starch in the fuel ethanol production process.

WeissBioTech offers:
Deltazym® VR DP-10 a hemicellulose with an excellent side activity profile for use in viscosity reduction operations, always within wheat, soy or starch processing applications. The pH optimum lies between 4,5-5 and the optimum temperature range are 6065C.

Deltazym® VR DD-800 is a Trichoderma longibrachiatum-produced Endo--glucanase to enhance viscosity reduction pre- and post liquefaction during the production of bio-ethanol. The product contains cellulase-, hemicellulase-, xylanase- and
pentosanase- side activities as well and operates at optimum conditions: pH 3.5 5.5 and temperatures up to 65 C

The Deltazym® VR XL is a Trichoderma longibrachiatum-produced Xylanase
to enhance viscosity reduction during wheat and cereal processing during the production
of bio ethanol. The product also contains hemicellulase- and glucanase side activities.
The product has been especially developed for its contribution in viscosity reduction during
the processing of wheat and other cereals in the production of alcohol and for its high
efficacy at a relatively low pH. The optimum conditions of use are: pH 4.55.0 at 5060C.

The WeissBioTech product assortment is further extended with a series of specialty protease enzymes (Deltazym® BNP and Deltazym® APS) tailored for specific applications

For the alcoholic fermentation, WeissBioTech offers the specially selected Saccharomyces cerevisiae Yeast under the name of DELTAFERM® AL-18 and DELTAFERM® AL-69.

Starch Processing:

Deltazym® BAA
Deltazym® HSAA CT